Gatesur is an operating company of Foreign Trade, specialized in import and export of goods and services, mainly in the export of agrifood.
We are a global company which provides the best solutions regarding Foreign Trade and Agrobusiness.
We have the capability of adapting to our clients needs and demands regarding products, logistic, commercial conditions, packaging and any other condition required.

Our business operations center is strategically located in the city of Bahía Blanca, one of the most important commercial, productive, technological and academic center of Argentina. We are situated to the south of the province of Buenos Aires, next to the main agrifood productive areas of Argentina (Argentinian Pampas). Bahía Blanca is an important logistic nod where major land routes (roads and railways), maritime infrastructure (Ingeniero White port), and airport (Comandante Espora) converge.
The city also has university academic centers with national and international high level standards, which provide highly qualified human resources. Various agro-food processing plants; Customs and Foreign Trade business centers; major national and international banking institutions; and a free-trade zone.
Its important to note that, the Ingeniero White Port is the natural outcome of the agricultural production of the Argentinian Pampas, a leading agricultural export basin.
As a result of our strategic location and our expertise, we are able to achieve efficient and competitive Foreign Trade operations.